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The Legend of Wudang

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

A Tale of Taiji, Taoism and Wellness

One of the best ways we learn is through stories. Whether it be the moral lessons we learn as children, or the memorable tales we read as adults, it is stories that stay with us the longest.

In ancient times, many Daoists also believed this to be true, with the foundations of Daoist philosophy often written in the form of imaginative short stories. However, in modern times, books about Daoism, Taiji and Wellness, are often written as textbooks or self-help books. This undoubtably can be beneficial but I wanted to create something a little bit different.

The idea behind The Legend of Wudang is to take lessons from Daoist philosophy, internal alchemy, and Taiji, and present them in one cohesive story. A story that follows three young Daoists as they travel throughout rural China, learning knowledge from old Masters.

It includes: some lessons and stories straight out of the Dao De Jing and the Zhaungzi; some lessons from Master Gu (Founder of the Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy) about Taiji, soft martial arts, and internal alchemy; and some re-imaginings of ancient Daoist stories, that are all worked into the overall narrative and journey.

It was an honour to have Master Gu (picture seen bellow) write a foreword for the book, giving a beautiful introduction to Daoism, the Wudang Mountains and myself.

The book is now published and is available for purchase on Amazon (Print and E-book), as well as Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Scribed, Bookmate and several other online stores (E-book only). I am also hoping to have it on Chinese stores such as and DangDang (Print and E-book), but it first needs to be approved by Chinese Book Regulations.

Print version is coming soo. If you are interested in the book please check out the links bellow!

For now, feel free to read the blurb and if you find it interesting watch this space for release date information!

Based on true events and authentic Taoist teachings

What are the hidden secrets of internal martial arts?

What forgotten wisdom does the philosophy of Taoism hold?

How can ancient knowledge be applied to better our mental, physical and spiritual health in a modern-day world?

'The Legend of Wudang: A Tale of Taiji, Taoism and Wellness' explores these questions by taking the reader on an adventure through rural China.

The Wudang Mountains have been a home to Taoism for over 2000 years but in the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution the Taoist culture there is left decimated. The fate of Wudang is entrusted to three young Taoists, who must venture forth, searching for the timeless lessons of Wudang Taiji, Taoist Wellness and Philosophy.

Will they be able to find the great Masters of the past and reignite Taoism in the Wudang Mountains?

Based on true events and authentic Taoist teachings; embark on a journey to learn the hidden wisdom of the Tao (道).

“Unbelievably Interesting.” Master Gu


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