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Matt Furnell is a British writer, photographer, teacher and environmental advocate currently living in Chengdu, China. He has a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development and has lived and worked in the UK, the US, China, Ethiopia and the Philippines.

He uses his photography as a tool to explore new places and open doors for connecting with different people, nature and cultures.

He believes street photography is a great form of modern-day Qi Gong practice. It forces us to slow down, to really observe and connect with what is going on around us in the moment. In order to catch the Decisive Moment, a photographer must understand the delicate balance between tranquillity and movement. They must be at one with the flow of nature happening around them. Be at one with the Dao (道).

He is an avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taiji and Kungfu practitioner. Knowledge really can come from all different places. He finds it fascinating to explore what these seemingly different martial arts have in common and in what ways they can be used to support each other and teach us about how to live our lives.

Feel free to explore his personal photography on Instagram @mjgfurnell or follow his Daoist Blog @dao_a_dao for a photographic representation of Daoist teachings.

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